Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula)

spotted lanternfly - adult














Photo: Adult spotted lantern fly. Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 

Spotted lanternfly (SLF) threatens fruit crops like grapes, peaches, and hops. It also threatens numerous tree species, such as pine, oak, walnut, and maple.  However, its preferred host is another invasive species: tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus altissima). SLF is an insect native to East Asia. In 2016, it was discovered in southeast Pennsylvania. It was confirmed in Virginia in January 2018. If you think you have found SLF, collect a specimen or take photos and notify Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Report Spotted Lanternfly in Virginia

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Adult SLF with folded wings








Adult SLF with wings folded. Lawrence Barringer, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 


SLF nymph








SLF nymph stage with red patches and white spots. Lawrence Barringer, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 


SLF nymph stage with white spots








SLF early nymph stage with white spots only. Red patches develop in a later stage. Lawrence Barringer, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture,